This Anachronistic Post from July

And there's also this anachronistic, never-before-seen post from July that I never finished and forgot to publish...My Summer, in a Nutshellby Layra A SparksMy whirlwind of a summer started with the visa application process, with its fashionably late I-20 forms, unmentioned scholarships, unresponsive international student counselors, slow deliveries, worldwide technical glitches in the US visa … Continue reading This Anachronistic Post from July


My First Semester at USC: Video Edition

Guys, it is with overwhelming exhilaration that I inform you: I am still alive.I am still alive, I still go to USC, I'm still a Cinema major, I'm still in the marching band (oh wait! You guys didn't know that??? More on that later...), I'm still 5'7'', I still have curly hair (and it's still … Continue reading My First Semester at USC: Video Edition