Paris 2k13

I wrote this post a year ago. I'm still astounded by how much my writing has changed/improved(?) in the past year. Please excuse my awkward phrasing at times. September 25, 2013 'Twas on the night of September 25, 2013, that I took a little, friendly Air France flight to Paris. Originally having a seat in … Continue reading Paris 2k13


September Is Sad + I Watched Boyhood

I was originally going to title this post more inventively. Think along the lines of 'September Is Originally the Seventh Month, So Let's Pretend It's July' or 'No Wonder September and Sadness Alliterate'.However, I am currently midst a writer's block, it's 10 PM, and let's not once again forget that September is a sad, depressing … Continue reading September Is Sad + I Watched Boyhood